Examples to Give you some Ideas for Texting Women


You: You Know who you remind me of?

Her: Who? (Guaranteed, her curiosity won’t be controllable. Pick a celebrity that resembles her for later)

You: Can only tell you over dinner. Lol.

You: If you were a triangle…..

Her: What?

You: You’d be acute one.

You: Can you keep a secret?. (Guaranteed response follow up with something clever, remember emotional response is key)

You: Wouldn’t it be cool if?…(Guaranteed response follow up with something clever)

You: I just saw something cool and thought you should know…

You: I have a little problem and thought you might be able to help…

You: You wouldn’t believe what just happened to me OMG…

These are a few examples that can give you an idea of how to approach texting a girl. You want to create curiosity, intrigue and a need to know. You want to follow up with things that will make her smile or laugh. Never resort to dull conversation on text. Text is for short tidbits of humor to get her interested. She will be on the edge of her seat waiting to see what you have to say if you execute this properly. Texting women should be to get them to answer you. Then to show them that your somebody that can keep them interested. I can only tell you that this works from experience. Once you get in the habit of using this style and technique, you will be surprised at what you come up with and it will become second nature. It will become fun for you. Coming up with things becomes a game. That’s why they call it game. Yours will reach a whole new level.

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